Introducing Dot,
A light-weight browser,
built for the future.

Made by Ender#0002, no stealing!

What do you get in Dot?

We provide a browser which doesn't track you and keeps your online footprint safe.


Forget ads and trackers.

It sucks to install an ad-blocker manually. With our Dot Ad-Blocker, you'll never see a pesky ad again.


Fast & Reliable.

We make sure Dot is as fast as it should be, no bloat-ware or memory hoggers.


A home screen from the future.

It's all here, history, bookmarks, settings and even the weather.


Organize like a pro.

Sort your tabs into tab groups, just like a neat bookshelf.


Sync with your Dot account.

Keep all your bookmarks, history and settings saved in one click.


Simplistic UI

Dot uses Material Design to keep everything compact and simple, just how you like it.

Download Dot today